Liam Gallagher stuns shoppers as he turns up to party at his Pretty Green fashion store

Rock ‘n’ roll star Liam Gallagher sprang the mother of all surprises on a group of unsuspecting fans when he turned up at his Pretty Green fashion store in Manchester.

A group of ten competition winners had been invited down to the store on Wednesday night to spend gift vouchers they had won, and listen to a live DJ set from Manc music icon Clint Boon.

But unbeknown to them, Liam was hiding upstairs at the King Street boutique with his mum Peggy, partner Debbie and his children Lennon, Gene and Molly.

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As Clint urged them all to gather around him to see something good, Liam walked down the stairs to appear behind them and when Clint told them to turn around there were emotional scenes.

Liam met fans including Ellie Hayes (pictured) after surprising them at his Pretty Green store

Clint says: “It was a pretty special moment when they all looked around and saw Liam.

“One bloke just burst out crying because he couldn’t believe it. They all got to meet him for a chat and photos.

“Having been to a lot of events and dos in my life, that’s probably the most fantastic thing I’ve ever seen happen. It was a proper magical TV moment.”

In further joy for fans, also joining the revels on the night was Clint’s fellow Manc music legends, Stone Roses star Mani and Liam’s former Oasis bandmate Paul “Bonehead” Arthurs.

Liam with the staff at the Pretty Green store

Although Clint reveals that Bonehead almost ruined Liam’s big surprise on the night.

Clint laughs: “People involved in the event were all sworn to absolute secrecy so as not to spoil the surprise.

“But Bonehead almost blew it when he walked into the shop before Liam had come down, I said “get out” and bundled him out of the door again!”

Incredibly, all the excitement was happening inside the store while unsuspecting revellers flocked to the Manchester Christmas Markets taking place right outside on King Street.

DJ Clint Boon and Bonehead at the Pretty Green event

Competition winners spoke of their joy after the event, with Mark Partington saying: “Tonight was the greatest night of my life.

“I met my heroes and my dreams came true.

“To meet Clint, Bonehead and Mani was special but to meet Liam, that was just another level.

“I’ll never forget that moment when he was on the stairs and turning around to actually see him there in the flesh, absolutely surreal but a memory that will last me a lifetime.

“To stand with him, to have my picture taken with him and for him to talk to me, to ask my name and where I’m from and to talk to me about football for a few minutes was unforgettable.”

Liam with stunned fan Mark Partington

Ellie Hayes was also among winners and tweeted: “Best night ever

“The shock on everyone’s faces when we all turned around and Liam Gallagher was just stood there. Unreal.”

Liam’s appearance in the city came just days after brother Noel Gallagher also stunned city revellers – when he joined the crowds at the Hacienda Classical gig at the Warehouse Project.

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