Lorraine Kelly’s simple response to getting ‘trolled’ for vaccine conversations

Lorraine Kelly has hit back after revealing she and medical guests on the show get ‘trolled’ when they talk about the coronavirus vaccines.

The TV presenter was back at the helm of her self-titled ITV show on Monday and was joined by Dr Hilary Jones.

The pair were discussing the latest news around coronavirus, including the announcement that there is currently no plans for a fourth jab.

Dr Hilary, 68, was also responding to reports that Boris Johnson is planning to unveil a plan to ‘live with Covid’.

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The i newspaper reported that the Prime Minister will outline the government’s new strategy in the coming weeks.

Measures are reportedly expected to include a winding down of the testing regime.

As Lorraine and Dr Hilary discussed the news, ITV’s resident doctor said: “Vaccination has allowed this to be possible.”

“We know the booster is keeping people out of hospital, protection after the third jab after three months and is still 90 percent protection against being hospitalised and 30 percent against mild infection,” he said.

Dr Hilary Jones on ITV’s Lorraine

“But the main thing is to get your first and second dose.”

“You know every single time we talk about this, we get trolled,” Lorraine, 62, replied.

But remaining firm in her views, she added: “I don’t care, I really don’t – we just have to be safe,” to which Dr Hilary said: “There will be a minority that will want to troll us but we can’t be intimated.”

Lorraine said she ‘didn’t care’ about being trolled

It comes after the show was hit with thousands of Ofcom complaints after Dr Hilary implored the unvaccinated to get jabbed amid the Omicron surge.

The comments were made during an episode on December 6 as Lorraine and Dr Hilary spoke about the number of unvaccinated people in hospital.

Initially, the broadcasting watchdog confirmed 1,312 people had officially complained which, as of mid-December, increased to 3,743.

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