Madonna goes make up free as she enjoys Winter Wonderland date with boyfriend

Madonna was spotted out and about at Winter Wonderland in London’s Hyde Park on a festive date night with her toyboy partner.

We’re used to seeing the pop icon, 63, dolled up in sultry posts on Instagram, but she embraced her natural beauty and went make-up free on an evening out with boyfriend Ahlamalik Williams, 27.

The couple were snapped in the Mirror’s exclusive pictures at Winter Wonderland this week – but unfortunately it doesn’t look like Madge is having much fun.

She kept things casual, wrapping up in a big padded coat and woolly scarf to fight off the cold British weather.

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Ahlamalik, who met Madonna while working as her backing dancer, was dressed very similarly in a black coat, keeping the hood pulled up as they were snapped being strapped into one of the pop-up theme park’s wild rides.

The couple held tightly onto one another’s hands as they waited for lift off.

Doing her best to keep a low profile, Madonna adopted the standard celeb disguise by slipping a pair of sunglasses on.

Between the white-rimmed shades, puffy coat and pulling her hood up over her blonde locks, Madonna may have felt pretty incognito.

The people sat next to her on a ride didn’t seem to notice they were in the presence of a megastar, more occupied with the fun they were having.

Sadly, the ride didn’t seem to have the same effect on Madonna, who looked rather straight-faced when she was captured by a photographer.

While the woman next to her squeezed her eyes shut and had a huge grin on her face, Madonna looked almost bored, peering off to the side and not cracking even the tiniest of smiles.

Ahlamalik, on the other hand, appeared to be quite enjoying himself, smiling as they were lifted into the air.

Madonna has been very open about being head-over-heels for her new man.

Last year, she marked his birthday by sharing a snap of them snogging with her Instagram followers.

Madonna donning a pair of sunglasses at Winter Wonderland

She wrote alongside it: “Happy Birthday My Love. I Could not think of a better person to be in Quarantine with!”

And this Christmas, they proved he was firmly part of the family as he posed up for a festive snap with Madonna and her kids David, 16, Mercy, 15, nine-year-old twins Stelle and Estere – with them all wearing matching Elf costumes.

Madonna – also mum to Lourdes, 25, and Rocco, 21 – Ahlamalik hasn’t let their age gap get in the way of their deep love for one another, and his parents aren’t bothered one bit by the fact that she’s older than them.

When they first got together, his dad Drue told the Mirror: “Madonna went on and on about how much she cares about our son. She said he’s intelligent and very talented.

“She told us she is so much in love with him and that we didn’t have anything to worry about as she was going to take care of him.

Madonna and Ahlamalik Williams on the Winter Wonderland ride

“We know there’s a huge age gap between the two – 36 years. Madonna is two years older than me.

“But I have told my son love doesn’t have an age range when you’re consenting adults.

“I asked him how he feels about her and he says he has never been happier.”

His mum Laurie added: “We’re both big fans of Madonna – but we do worry about him and of course we don’t want him to get hurt.

“But I believe Madonna is going to stick with him because of the talent he has. As well as a dancer, he’s a songwriter, too.

“We met her after a show and it was incredible. The first thing she said to me was, ‘Wasn’t he fantastic?’ You never know, they could get married.”