Model Danielle Lloyd tries £100 gold burger at Salt Bae’s new restaurant – and fans had SO many questions

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It’s the restaurant that has caused an internet sensation after chef Salt Bae launched in London with £630 steaks and £100 gold-wrapped burgers.

So when former beauty queen turned reality star Danielle Lloyd headed to dine there at the weekend, it understandably provoked quite the reaction among her followers.

Pregnant mum-of-four Danielle posted photos on instagram with celebrity chef Nusret Gökçe, nicknamed Salt Bae after his theatrical method of seasoning his steaks from a great height.

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She posed for a photo with the Turkish chef and then posted a video showing his theatrical presentation of the £100 gold-wrapped burger at the brand new Nusr-Et restaurant.

Nusret Gökçe, aka Salt Bae, squeezes a gold burger for Danielle Lloyd’s table

In the video the dapper chef, wearing sunglasses and dressed in bow tie, is seen cutting the burger in half and then squeezing it with a hint of a grin as juice drips out onto the wooden presentation board.

The Turkish chef now has 15 Nusr-Et Steakhouse around the globe, with the first in the UK opening in London last week amid much attention after a diner revealed the prices of food and drink including the £100 gold burger, £630 steak, rack of lamb for £200 and £9 for a Coca Cola .

Former Miss England Danielle, 37, is expecting a baby girl with her husband Michael O’Neill to join her brood of four sons and told fans she went out for a treat meal at the weekend to London.

She posted the images from the flamboyant restaurant with the caption: “Made the effort to take the bump to London for a gold burger” Adding the hashtag: “#wooowww”.

One asked: “Why does he squeeze the burger? It makes me feel sick”, to which another follower replied: “So you can see the juices run clear so its cooked.”

“Looks gross to be fair”, said one, while another added: “That burger looks too wet to taste nice”.

When asked by numerous fans what else the party ate, she also confirmed that her group tried the steak and lamb dishes at the restaurant – although didn’t say if it was the headline-grabbing £630 tomahawk steak that the venue has become known for.

She did confirm the burger was the £100 gold burger off the menu, and shared a picture of it on her Instagram stories, showing the gold-leaf encrusted bun served with little “Salt Bae” flags on top and seasoned French Fries on its presentation board.

Danielle Lloyd shared this photo of the £100 gold burger at Salt Bae’s London restaurant

But the thought of paying £100 for a burger was enough to send some followers into a tailspin.

One said: “No food should cost that much”.

Another added: “OMG £100 for a burger my weekly shopping doesn’t even cost that much.”

When asked by her fans if she felt it was worth it, Danielle delivered this verdict.

She wrote in reply to a fan: “There isn’t a lot on the menu and it is very expensive but lovely restaurant and the food was good.”

One follower swiftly replied: “I’d want better than good for those prices”.

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