Phillip Schofield jokes ‘Ofcom are ready’ as show favourite returns as agony aunt

Phillip Schofield issued a warning at the start of This Morning as a show favourite returned as an agony aunt.

The TV presenter and his co-host Holly Willoughby revealed that Miriam Margolyes was back on the show.

The actress is a hit with the presenting duo and viewers whenever she appears on the ITV daytime show.

But she wasn’t just on This Morning to promote her new show.

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They also drafted the Harry Potter star into a phone-in, asking viewers to call in with whatever problem they may have.

Ahead of the segment, Holly and Phil let viewers what was coming up.

After revealing what Miriam would be up to, Phillip jokingly quipped: “Ofcom is poised and ready.”

The actress was on the show for a phone-in and chat about her new show

Later, Miriam was back to give viewers’ advice on anything they wished.

One asked what she should do to get her husband “off his backside” as he as he “doesn’t move from his chair in front of the TV.”

To which Miriam simply replied: “Leave him,” as Holly and Phil burst out laughing.

But This Morning viewers were loving having her back on the show.

Holly and Phil burst out laughing at Miriam’s advice

“Absolutely loving the advice from Miriam on #ThisMorning !! Absolute star of a woman!!” tweeted one.

Another said: “Miriam always makes me so happy #ThisMorning.”

“Miriam has just given the best yet most common sense like advice. So refreshing. @thismorning #ThisMorning,” a third added.

A fourth added: “#thismorning Now this is more like it. Miriam Margolis has me in fits of giggles and cheers up a rainy Monday.”

And it appears This Morning themselves were pleased with how it went as a tweet from their account read: “Petition to have Miriam Margolyes give us advice ALL THE TIME.”

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