This Morning fans say Dermot O’Leary is ‘low key fuming’ as he’s pied live on show

This Morning viewers don’t think Dermot O’Leary was very impressed after he was pied live on the show. The presenter was back at the helm of the ITV daytime show on Friday alongside co-host Alison Hammond.

During the last show of the week the pair were joined by Chris Tarrant who is celebrating 50 years in television – from pelting kids with custard on Tiswas to experiencing the Who Wants to be a Millionaire scandal. The presenting star appeared on the programme to chat about his new book, It’s not a proper job, in which he shares all the stories from his career spanning an impressive five decades.

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But while Chris was on the show, Dermot found himself speechless as in a nod to Chris’s former children’s television show Tiswas, a Phantom Flan Flinger suddenly crept onto the set and slammed a pie into the side of the 48-year-old’s face.

Alison, 47, immediately burst out laughing as the person dressed all in black quickly ran off. Unphased, Chris, 75, carried on speaking about Tiswas, which stood for Today Is Saturday: Watch And Smile, as if nothing had happened and said: “I don’t really miss it at all because I used to sit there covered in custard.”

Chris Tarrant was on the ITV show

“Still got it, Tarrant!” Dermot shouted with one eye closed after collecting his thoughts. “Oh my goodness,” Alison then said. “I can’t believe they used to do this all the time,” to which Chris confirmed: “All the time!”

Turning back to Dermot, mother-of-one Alison told him: “Babes, you are covered in it!” As he started to taste it by licking some of the custard off of his hands, Dermot responded: “It’s really quite nice actually.” “It’s only your old jumper and old trousers, you’re alright,” Chris then said, before adding: “Look at the state of you,” as the hosts then wrapped up the interview.

Dermot was caught off-guard

But This Morning viewers tuning in at home thought it was hilarious and claimed that Dermot was actually ‘fuming’ after the prank.

@TashAmaka joked: “Low key fuming ain’t you Dermot #ThisMorning.”

“Dermot pretending to love the joke when he’s secretly FURIOUS! #ThisMorning,” @PollyCracker92 commented.

But @mdbaggy said: “The good old pie in the face… Not as funny as it used to be . #ThisMorning.”