Vanessa Feltz looks ‘so different’ in ITV This Morning throwback amid phone-in repeat

Vanessa Feltz was back on This Morning with her latest phone-in when she was reminded about a big anniversary. Appearing on Tuesday’s edition of the ITV show, it was revealed that the broadcaster’s first phone-in took place 30 years ago.

She first joined the show as a relationship expert back in 1992 when it was hosted by Richard Madeley and Judy Finnigan. During that first phone-in, Vanessa discussed keeping the spark alive and to commemorate the occasion, This Morning wanted to hear from viewers on the matter again.

Host Holly Willoughby had already said to Vanessa after she was joined by Matthew Wright to discussed the latest headlines in ‘This Morning’s View’ segment: “It’s a bit of a celebration birthday for you…”

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Vanessa then explained: “It’s exactly pretty much 30 years since I was first on this programme…” before joking: “I know I look exactly the same.” As a clip played onscreen of Vanessa on the ITV show three decades ago as she remarked: “There I am! Look at me, oh my God! Blimey, they found it!”

She added: “Anyway what we were talking about was Fergie had been toe-sucking, do you remember that? And we were so inspired by the idea of toe sucking we thought what are the other undiscovered erogenous zones of the body and what do people do that we might not necessarily expect, but we can talk about on the television, to spice up their love life?”

Holly told viewers: “It’s been 30 years since her first phone in on This Morning. And the topic? Unusual things you do in the bedroom to keep the spark alive.” Phillip then said: “So that’s just what Vanessa is asking today,” before Holly added: “We’re wondering 30 years later if you’re still up for sharing..”

Vanessa first appeared on the show in 1992

Giving some suggestions as to what they mean, Phillip directly addressed the camera: “How do you keep the spark alive? Is it romantic meals? Date night? Perhaps something saucy in the bedroom? Bearing in mind this was all sort of sparked off by the fact it’s 30 years since the very famous pictures of Fergie toe sucking. That’s what triggered that phone-in!”

After detailing the ways those watching at home could get in touch, Holly assured them: “And we can also keep you anonymous if you’re a it embarrassed, a bit shy.” to which Phillip then joked: “But everyone has got some notepads in case you come up with something amazing.”

But This Morning viewers will still taken aback by the old clip of Vanessa, whose blonde hair was bouffant as she donned a blue blazer @EnfieldGarry tweeted: “That’s Vanessa, she looks so different. #ThisMorning,” alongside a shocked emoji.

“Vanessa back in the day [two smiley face emojis] #thismorning,” @Itt39354118 commented.