Where is Holly Willoughby on This Morning? Host replaced by Josie Gibson in last-minute change

This Morning had presenter chaos before going live on Tuesday.

Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby are the ITV daytime show’s usual presenters.

But as viewers tuned in, they would have noticed Holly has been replaced.

Josie Gibson has stepped in to the main hosting role at the last-minute alongside Phillip.

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Opening Tuesday’s show, Phillip explained how Josie was on her way to Surrey for another part of the show when she was diverted back to the London studio.

“An hour ago you were on your way to do our live shows in Surrey,” he said as Josie replied: “Yep, one minute of TV, over. Then I had a phone call.”

Addressing Holly’s absence, her co-host and pal Phil added: “Holly is not here today because she’s got a tummy bug – nothing more than that.

“She’ll probably be back tomorrow but you [Josie] were parachuted in.”

Holly was off sick on Tuesday

Josie laughed and said: “I couldn’t believe it. I thought they’d got the wrong number, Phil.

“Honestly, I said ‘You’ve phoned Josie’, but how surreal. I’ve grown up watching the show and now I’m sat alongside you.

“I’ve been thrown in at the deep end but I’ve got the best armbands on the planet,” she added turning to Phil.

This Morning shared the opening moments in a clip on Twitter, adding: “Feel better soon @hollywills! And best of luck for your first time hosting, @Josiestweet.”

Josie stepped in

And viewers were quick to offer their support.

“@Josiestweet is never shy of a challenge, and has proved that! Doing a great job Josie, what a star, you deserve it,” @cassidy_rachel commented.

@Kitkat73773585 added: “Josie you will do a crackin job so don’t worry.”

“You will be amazing @Josiestweet. Have fun,” @welshnesta added.

And there was also lots of messages for Holly.

“Awe holly i was so sad when you arent on this morning today. You and Phil are the best host duo. Get better soon and i hope your on tomorrow @hollywills,” tweeted @JaydeanGibson3.

@DavidWa50046817 added: “Hope you feel better soon @hollywills.”

“Get better soon Holly! (you really did manifest it when you said you and Phil wouldn’t come in for Ginos phone in),” @tiredtash added.

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