russia-ukraine-war-live-updates: kyiv-rocked-by-missile-strikes,-moscow-makes-‘limited’-progress-in-east

Russia-Ukraine war live updates: Kyiv rocked by missile strikes, Moscow makes ‘limited’ progress in east

Russia-Ukraine war live updates: Kyiv rocked by missile strikes, Moscow makes ‘limited’ progress in east

Ukraine’s capital was reeling Friday from Russian missile strikes that hit a residential high-rise in the city and killed at least one person, according to local officials.

The attack, which came just after the head of the United Nations met with President Volodymyr Zelenskyy in Kyiv on Thursday, delivered a deadly jolt of war after weeks of peace since Moscow’s forces withdrew from the area to refocus on the country’s east.

In the eastern Donbas region, Russia’s assault made some limited progress in an offensive that has drawn the West deeper into the conflict as it tries to aid Ukraine’s defense with more weapons and leave Russian President Vladimir Putin mired in a damaging war.

To help Ukrainians fend off Russian forces, the United States will begin training the country’s armed forces to use radar systems and armored vehicles that were included in a recent military assistance package, the Pentagon said. The training will occur at U.S. bases in Germany.

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