Russian army unable to tell dictator Putin they have failed in Ukraine, says military expert

Destroyed penal colony in Olenivka

Destroyed penal colony in Olenivka

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“Instead of withdrawing troops, (the Russians) continue to reinforce them, trying to avoid defeat,” said Samus.

“I honestly don’t know what they’re hoping for. The cases of the murder of Azov soldiers and this terrible video (of the mutilation of a prisoner of war) demonstrate the hysteria of the enemy and that they don’t know what to do next.

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“They tell Putin that they will fulfill everything. They cannot tell him that they have failed, lost, and that they need to withdraw troops from Ukraine, because it’s going to get worse. Because Putin hopes for the energy collapse of Europe.”

According to the expert, the dictator wants to put pressure on Ukraine through Europe. At the same time, Samus states that Ukrainian troops are preparing an operation to liberate the south of Ukraine.

“For the Russians, this is a huge problem,” says the expert. “15,000 servicemen with equipment and vehicles are basically surrounded there now. And they have (almost no) options – to surrender or die.”

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According to Samus, as Russia searches for a way out of the impasse in the south, they will try to create tension in other sectors of the frontlines.

“There is a threat of new hostilities on the Kharkiv axis. And it seems to me … that they will be able to provoke (Belarusian dictator Aleksander) Lukashenko into directly joining the war against Ukraine in order to create another front in our north, and thus draw Ukrainian forces away from the south.”

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